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Friday, March 29



Create Dream Teams 425Jason Briesacher Creative Process 319Keith Coast Family Ministry 307Jessica Bealer Integrating Spiritual Formation into Your KidMin Curriculum 304Gordon & Becki West Keeping Your Kids Safe & Secure 706Jennifer Ward • GROUP Publishing Leading Preschoolers to Praise Jesus . . . Day by Day 703Jana Alayra Navigating Difficult Conversations and Conflict in Ministry 302Derek Nelson Parents, Kids, and Money Matters 505Bill Marsh Planning for X - Backward Planning for Intentional Discipleship 702Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D. • D6 Family Some Things Never Change 306Debbie O'Brien The Power of Visual Storytelling 410David Choate Why Are Preteens So Weird? 316Chip Henderson • FourFiveSix Impacting Kids Who Are Angry, Withdrawn, or Superficial 317Chuck Hagele What is an Addiction? 130Dr. Gregg Jantz Building Bridges - Ministering to People Who Are Different from Yourself 502Gary Jensen • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Church Security 309Joe Handley Does the Gospel Include Emotional Health 308Chris & Crystal Pettit Elite Mindset - Sports Psychology, High Performance Mindset, and God 318Gary Chupik Empowering Families Living with Disabilities: Practical tips/tools to engage/support these families to shape your ministry. 314Mona Fuerstenau • Bethesda Lutheran Communities Getting Ahead of the Curve 310Rick Bundschuh How to get YOUR People to Invite THEIR People 311Michael Lukaszewski Opioid Crisis, Homelessness, Etc. Serving the Least of These! 804Henriët Schapelhouman Sharing & Solving the Healthcare Headache 424bBrian Murphy The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats: A Call to Disciple-Making 801Liz Botts The Young Buck's Angst 315Jesse Campbell To Fully Engage In Its Global Mission in the 21st Century, the Church Needs and Deserves Best-in-Class Tech Tools 400Jake Tacher • Tithe.ly Virutal Ministry or Ministry in a Virtual World - en espanol 303Dan Martin Manhood and Womanhood 802Sarah Sumner Opening General Session 415 Church, Culture, and God's Mission 305Chris Gough Discipling This Generation 424aAl Mertes Have Fun Raising Funds 803Kara Bauer Healing Wounded Hearts 421Jeff Schadt M & M's of Ministry Student CenterChris Lyons Creative Ways to Develop a Love for God's Word in Your Entire Ministry 420Keith Ferrin CELEBRATING Diversity in the Classroom Fireside RoomAmy Hart Are You Ready for Adventure - Free Challenge Course OutsideYouth Dynamics


Preteen Lunch Hangout 316Group Discussion • FourFiveSix The D6 Team - Lunch with Family Ministry Leaders 702D6 Team Mental Illness - The Church's Modern-Day leprosy? 130Clint Gresham When and How to Step Up or Step Back in Times of Need Student CenterChuck Hagele • Dr. Gregg Jantz • Nate Rice Best Practices in Global Ministry Partnerships 308Mike Bell Creating a Peaceful Church 304Dr. Randall Kinnison ElderPlace - The PACE Program 309Jill Leon Embedded Church 310Don Mahoney Israel - Land of Creation: Explore the importance of Israel in theology and travel 317Richard Liverance Making a Difference; Sharing Your Time, Treasure and Talents 505Jeremy Dawson Making Fun Raising Fun 303Larry Montgomery Ministering to Homeless Individuals and Families 305Richard Berghammer Pastoring a Normal Sized Church 311Douglas Bursch The New Digital Mission Field: How to do ministry through your app! 314Michael Upshaw, Sr • Jason Arcega • Friedbert Wall Virtual Ministry or Ministry in a Virtual World 502Dan Martin Who's Driving Your Mission Committee 307Stephen Wheeler Becoming a Better Audio Tech - The Magical Pre-Rehearsal Preparation Process 415Dave Dartnall • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Band - Worship Rehearsal and Run Through 802David Harsh Becoming a Better Leader - Maybe Worship Leading Isn't So Easy 801Austin Ryan Becoming a Better Lighting and Video Tech - Creating Awesome Scenes, Slides, and Videos 703Matt Brown • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Musician - Killer Arrangements Worship CenterBrian Reding Becoming a Better Worship Tech Steward - Sound System Optimization 803Joel Moak • Focus Worship AVL Let's Talk about LED 318Nick Campfield & Richard Gibson A Solution to the Parent/Adolescent Relationship Dilemma 421Jeff Schadt Ethical Battles 424aErnest Romanchik Leading Well 306Mark Schaufler Navigating the Multi-Faceted Student Pastor's Calling & Career 410Jesse Campbell Technologically -Induced Impatience in Teen Development 424bSam Baker Training Your Replacement 420Tim Eldred What does Hunger have to do with Discipleship? 425Katie Swift • World Vision Young Adult Ministry 400Michael Bouterse





Triple Espresso Worship Center Connecting PreTeens to the Bible Through God Word Art 309Gregg Johnson Cultivating Courage: Create a Fearless Environment for Children’s Ministry Part 2 (of 2) 706Charity Kaufmann • GROUP Publishing Great Games to Engage Students 421Steve Otey Increase the Impact Of Your Preteen Curriculum 316Sean Sweet • FourFiveSix Making Memorization Fun 319Kaitie Newcomb Special Needs, the Church, and Why Respite? 307Michael Stralow Using Science in Ministry 305Josh Denhart Only Human - Facing the Emotional Challenges of Ministry Life 318Roy Yanke Pastoral Counseling vs. Mental Health Counseling 317Dr. Matt Nelson God Sets the Lonely in Families - a Gospel Answer to the Foster Care Crisis 425Paul LaRose Happy Hour - How to Retire Well on a Pastor's Budget 505Jeremy Dawson Living Fully as the Pastor's Spouse 301Gwen North Online Tools for Discipleship 703Tanner Moushey Reimagining Church Leadership - A Conversation 131Rick Bundschuh & Adam Ayers Revitalize the Stagnant Congregation 311Alan Wilson Sticky Church - How to Attract (and Grow) People 310Dr. Rick Chromey The God Who Listens 302Carl DeyArmin Virtual Ministry or Ministry in a Virtual World 502Dan Martin • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Anchored: Leading Through the Storms 308Cynthia Cavanaugh No Apologies 314Melissa MacDonald Women’s Leadership - Destined for Significance 315Marilee Pierce-Dunker • World Vision Becoming a Better Audio Tech - Rehearsing with the Worship Team 415Dave Dartnall • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Leader - Transitions and Worship Flow - God Doesn't Listen to Our Singing 801Austin Ryan Becoming a Better Lighting and Video Tech - Practicing Scenes, Slides, and Videos During Rehearsal 424aMatt Brown • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Musician - A Complete Songwriting Experience Part 1 (of 3): 804David Harsh & Brian Reding Becoming a Better Worship Tech Steward- Sound System Upgrading - Choosing the Best System for What you Need 803Joel Moak • Focus Worship AVL Good Times and Hard – Leading Whether You're Up Or Down 802Jerry Chambers Strategies for Upgrading on a Budget 400Richard Gibson • Jason Rousett A Masterful Model 410Jean Milliken Engaging Conversations Student CenterTim Eldred Growing Spiritual Grit in Teenagers (Part 1) 306Eric Groezinger Help Small Group Leaders Lead in a BIG Way 702Josh Wooten LGBT + Church =? 420Jeff Simunds Researched Revelations 424bRon Marrs The 3 Pathways to an Exceptional Life: A transformational guide for teens and those who love them. 304Ed Miller Understanding and Embracing God's Calling 303Joshua Ziefle



Bored Preteens = Untapped Leadership Potential 316Chip Henderson and Sean Sweet • FourFiveSix Connecting the You Tube Generation Worship CenterSteve Pennington Fantastic Object Lessons That Teach 308David Laflin Help Me! The Kids are Out of Control! 706Jackie Calonder • GROUP Publishing MESSages that Stick 702Josh Wooten • D6 Family Multicultural Ministry with Kids 304David Marrujo Radical Community Outreach 303Josh Denhart Rocking the Block...VBS Outside the Walls 319Shona TenPas What to do when ANXIETY gets a stronghold 130Dr. Gregg Jantz When Parenting Backfires 317Dr. David Simonsen Building Bridges - Ministering to People Who Are Different from Yourself 502Gary Jensen • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Disability Ministry - Bethesda 101 305Becky Lindsley • Bethesda Lutheran Communities Evidence Based Leadership 309Earl Creps Feel Like a Juggler Riding a Unicycle? 315Josh Galgan It's What's Inside that Matters 301Julie White Leading With Your Voice 310Cynthia Cavanaugh Nutrition Workshop for the Busy Life 307Wayne Johnson You Can Trust the Bible 311Heinz Lycklama Above the Line Living 318Sarah Sumner Out With the Old In With the New 314Kelly Rader Becoming a Better Audio Tech - Helping the Worship Team with In-Ear Monitors 415Dave Dartnall • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Lighting and Video Tech: Awesome New Tools (and Toys) 424aMatt Brown • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Musician - A Complete Songwriting Experience Part 2 (of 3) 804David Harsh & Brian Reding Becoming a Better Worshipper - The Devotional Life of a Worship 802Jerry Chambers Becoming a Better Worshipper - What the Bible Says about Worship - Netflix and Worship 803Austin Ryan Digital Marketing for Your Church - AdWords, Google, Facebook, YouTube 801Chuck Olmstead • KGNW - Salem Media Group Lighting for the Church 400Nick Campfield & Jim Graham Panels - Supersized Tablets for your Ministry. What you can do with them! 424bSean O’Toole College Planning Strategies 505CHAD ALVARADO Growing Spiritual Grit in Teenagers (Part 2) 306Eric Groezinger How to Craft Biblical Messages that Mobilize 420Jesse Campbell How to Use Story in 21st Century Discipleship and Evangelism 425Derek Hiebert Learnings from West Coast Research 302Judy Glanz Making Disciples in a Busy World 421Mark Schaufler So What? Young People are Called to Do, Not Watch! 410Tim Eldred Youth Crisis First Responders Student CenterCarl Dodd • Nate Rice