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Saturday, March 30




8 Simple Tools To Empower Parents To Connect Church and Home 702Lena Wooten • D6 Family Ask Away! Discover the Secret to Asking Questions that Build and Deepen Faith 706Jennifer Ward • GROUP Publishing Captivating Your Audience 131David Laflin Counseling Children and Equipping Parents 305Alex Croutworst Create a Comprehensive Plan for Your Ministry 306Chad Hoffman It's the Simple Things (Family Ministry Reframed) 308Josh Denhart Jesus at 12! The Template for Reaching the Pre-Teen Generation 316Gregg Johnson • FourFiveSix Leading Kids to Praise Jesus. . . Day by Day 703Jana Alayra Thriving Ministry in Smaller Churches 319Dr. Rick Chromey Motivating Unmotivated Teens 317Chuck Hagele The “Depression Epidemic”…… 130Dr. Gregg Jantz 5 Best Upgrades for Church Facilities 311John Taylor Building Bridges - Ministering to People Who Are Different from Yourself 502Gary Jensen • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Designing a Path Thru the Church Minefields 315Rick Bundschuh Into The Neighborhood 310Dan Jacobs Making a Difference; Sharing Your Time, Treasure and Talents 505Jodi Mammenga Marriage - Users Manual 302Dave Lowe The Middle East - God is Alive and Working 314Chris Seiple To Fully Engage In Its Global Mission in the 21st Century, the Church Needs and Deserves Best-in-Class Tech Tools 303Jake Tacher • Tithe.ly What Will It Cost Your Church to Eliminate Trafficking, Imprisonment,Poverty, and Similar Social Ills? 309Ezechiel Bambino All Who Are Weary, Find Rest 307Melissa MacDonald Go Power and Staying Power in Christian Ministry Worship CenterSarah Sumner Becoming a Better Audio Tech - Mixing Musically to Move Hearts and Minds 415Dave Dartnall • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Leader - Creative Worship Planning - Finding Flow 802Austin Ryan Becoming a Better Lighting and Video Tech - Designing a Production Room for Streaming & Broadcasting 424aMatt Brown • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Musician - A Complete Songwriting Experience Part 3 (of 3) 804David Harsh & Brian Reding Becoming a Better Worship Tech Steward - Project Planning from Beginning to End 803Joel Moak • Focus Worship AVL I Can Do That With My App? 801Michael Upshaw, Sr • Jason Arcega • Friedbert Wall A Masterful Model 301Jean Milliken Creative Teaching/Brining Your Lessons Alive 425Al Mertes Gospel Advancing Ministry 420Brian Aaby Growing Young 421Sam Baker Missions and the Crucialness of Cultural Sensitivity 424bCorey Greaves Peer Helper Training 304Chris Lyons Preparing for College or Not Student CenterRob Brower The Ministry of Management 410Ron Marrs STEM - Coding for Preschoolers?! It can be done! Fireside RoomRhonda McRae Are You Ready for Adventure? - Free Adventure Experience OutsideYouth Dynamics


Godly Parents & Prodigals 702Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D. • D6 Family Preteen Lunch Hangout 316Group Discussion • FourFiveSix 10 Things People with PTSD and Their Loved Ones Need (from Church People and Ministry Leaders) 317Welby O'Brien Coming Alongside 130Michelle Rogers Courageously Change without Fear of Falling Out 318Chad Hoffman Creating Healthy Church Cultures 703Dr. Randall Kinnison Grow the Kingdom One Soul at a Time! 314Heather Ewald Herding Cats 308Josh Galgan How to Improve All Your Communication 311Keith Ferrin Implementing an Effective Healing Discipleship Ministry in your Church 307Chris & Crystal Pettit Leading Equipping Culture 801Brian Walton Maintain Good Stewardship When I Want It Now 803Clement Gray Pastor Wants to Stream . . . Now What? 804 Reverse Mentoring - Learning from Unlikely Teachers 315Earl Creps Scientific Truths in the Bible 802Heinz Lycklama Sharing & Solving the Healthcare Headache 305Brian Murphy The Battle of the Baton - Changing Generations in the Local Church 309Adam Ayers The Critical Role of Theology in Practical Ministry 400Sarah Sumner The Kingdom Of God 304Mike Bell Virtual Ministry or Ministry in a Virtual World 502Dan Martin • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Joint Session: Developing Unity on the Team 415Group Panel Being a Woman in the Body of Christ 420Karen Rohrbach Creating Controlled Chaos 421Mark Schaufler Guys Only 425Clint Gresham It's Your Life Student CenterJeff Schadt Life Beyond High School . . . The Key to Success! 306Elisa Anderson Managing the Off Switch in a Media Saturated Culture 424aChuck Hagele Parents, Teens, and Money Matters 505Bill Marsh





Triple Espresso - The Highly Caffeinated Hour Worship Center Building Community with Preschoolers and Their Families 304Debbie O'Brien Church Security 302Joe Handley Counseling for Salvation 305Kaitie Newcomb Engaging Preteens in Bible Reading 316Sean Sweet • FourFiveSix Engaging the Next Generation in Ministry Leadership 308Derek Nelson Jurassic Park, Noah's Ark, and the Genesis Flood 319Mark Champneys My BFF 706Julia Berger • GROUP Publishing Rethinking Discipleship 702David Womack Compassion Fatigue 130Dr. David Simonsen Helping Those Who Have Said "Goodbye" - Ministering to the Divorced and Grieving 317Welby O'Brien Bonding with God in a #MeToo World 410Ashley Davis Breakthrough Movie 400Jason Noble • BREAKTHROUGH - The Movie Building Bridges - Ministering to People Who Are Different from Yourself 502Gary Jensen • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Elite Mindset - Sports Psychology, High Performance Mindset, and God 425Gary Chupik Getting People Connected 311Michael Lukaszewski iTech Rising 310Dr. Rick Chromey Pray with Me 314Dan & Rebekah Metteer Sea-Service Chaplaincy 303John Ault What is Your Social Capital SuperPower? 318Mona Fuerstenau • Bethesda Lutheran Communities Where the Conflict Really Lies: The Inconsistencies of Evolutionary Theory. 309Cameron Schweitzer Financial Strategies for Women 505Jodi Mammenga Legacy - How to Leave a Legacy that Others Will Want to Follow 315Cynthia Cavanaugh Becoming a Better Audio Tech - Audio Mixing Training & Techniques 415Dave Dartnall • Focus Worship AVL Becoming a Better Lighting and Video Tech - Lighting Mixing Training & Techniques: 424aMatt Brown • Focus Worship AVL Finding Your Voice - A Vocal Workshop 804David Harsh Harmonies 801Brian Reding What the Bible Says About Worship - Netflix and Worship 802Austin Ryan “Click and Drag” I Just Built Our Church App- Yes It’s That Easy! 803Michael Upshaw, Sr • Jason Arcega • Friedbert Wall Building Your Kids and Youth Ministry through Effective Retreats 131Kirk Potter How Can I Change the World? 424bTim Eldred Intervene Before It's a Crisis 421Mark Schaufler Leading with Courage Student CenterClint Gresham LGBT + Church = ? 420Jeff Simunds Peer Helper Training 306Chris Lyons



Keys in Building a Team 309Byron Raggins Moral Courage for Ministry Workers 803Sarah Sumner Movie - "Unheard Of" 706Charity Kaufmann • GROUP Publishing The 10 Essential Factors in Volunteer Retention 307Josh Denhart The 4 Phases of Finding a Fabulous Curriculum 319David Rausch The Discipleship Resource for All Ages - How to Get Big Discipleship Wins with Every Generation 702David Womack • D6 Family Using Games As Fun Small Group Strategies 316Chip Henderson • FourFiveSix A Place of Refuge - Ways to Minister to Those Affected by Mental Health 317Joel Gipson Suicide - What to Do about It? 130Dr. Gregg Jantz How to Start a New Program or Ministry 311Michael Lukaszewski Leading High Impact Teams 315Brian Walton Marginalized Ministry - Christian Service in Today's Secular Environment 310Adam Ayers Secret Weapons For Witnessing to Mormons 318Mark Champneys The Generosity Gap 505Jeremy Dawson Virtual Ministry or Ministry in a Virtual World 502Dan Martin • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Defending The Faith (Apologetics) 424bDr. Deborah Baker Hampton Don't Fight Like a Girl, Woman Up and Deal with Conflict Gracefully 801Kelly Rader Have You Bitten the Apple? . . . The Lies We Believe 802Linda Lee Pender Growing Your Team 415General Session Customizing Ministry 421Mark Schaufler Healing Wounded Hearts 306Jeff Schadt M&Ms of Ministry 420Chris Lyons & Mike DeVito Soul Care & Spiritual Formation 424aJudy Glanz Sure Fire Tips on How to Grow Youth Group 410Rick Bundschuh Final - Student One Day Session #3 Student CenterTim Eldred