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Ashley Davis

Bellevue, WA
Dr. Ashley’s mission is bringing restoration to our connections with the Divine, which heals broken relationships with self, God, others, and creation. She is an author, soul tender, aesthete, and semiotician, as well as a workshop and conference educator.

As a soul tender, she is passionate about working in harmony with Creator God to embody hope in the lives of those with whom she works. As an aesthete, she searches for the divine beauty in every person and their stories. As a semiotician, she looks for the ways people create and represent meaning.

Often referred to as “the one with the purple hair,” Ashley is known for her creativity and for seeing the world just a little bit differently. She loves singing and musical theater, photographing flowers and birds, and finding God’s work in unusual places.

Ashley has a Master of Arts in Family Life Education and a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics & Future Studies. She lives in the Seattle, WA area, where she helps manage a small mental health and substance use disorder clinic.

-Attachment theory, God attachment, and the reciprocal self
-Biblical and cultural hermeneutics
-Trinitarian theology and covenant epistemology
-Post-traumatic growth and healing across the lifespan
-Intersection of body, mind, and emotion in neuroscience
-Parish ministry and fresh expressions of church
-Racial and social justice
-Christian feminism and liberation
-Positive discipline and gentle parenting
-Nonviolent communication
-Collaborative law and dispute resolution
-Sexual abuse prevention
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